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Harness the excitement of race day like never before! Live music, daring fashion, family fun, thrilling punts — find it all at a race day near you.


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Night Of Champions

Featuring the $1 million The Race by Grins, the world's first TAB Trot slot race, $100,000 sweepstake & afterparty headlined by Coterie.

What is harness racing?

Harness racing is a high-speed, high-energy sport that features drivers and horses pitted against each other at over 245 meets each year across New Zealand.

The facts:

  • Drivers sit in a cart (known as a sulky) behind the horse
  • Races are held in one of two possible gaits (pacing or trotting)
  • Pacers hold a lateral gait (front and back legs move at the same time, left then right)
  • Trotters hold a diagonal gait (front left and back right move together and vice versa)
  • Horses are Standardbreds (not Thoroughbreds)

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Experience the thrill of having your own horse in the race with full or part ownership. You’ll follow your horse’s progress from training to race day and have the chance to get involved with other owners at various events throughout the year. And it’s more affordable that you might think.

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