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New to harness racing? Here’s what you need to know

About harness racing

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In harness racing, a driver is pulled behind the horse in a two-wheel cart known as a sulky, unlike a jockey who rides on the horse’s back in flat racing. Races are held at one of two possible gaits (pacing or trotting) and begin with a rolling start behind a mobile starting gate. The horses are also Standardbreds instead of Thoroughbreds.

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Even the kidz are into harness racing

Kidz Kartz is great way to give kids a chance to experience the thrill of harness racing and learn more about training and caring for horses in a safe environment. The programme helps to develop a well-rounded set skills and emphasis responsibility, judgement, leadership and self-discipline.

Go beyond the track

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Experience the thrill of having your own horse in the race with full or part ownership. You’ll follow your horse’s progress from training to race day and have the chance to get involved with other owners at various events throughout the year. And it’s more affordable that you might think.